Authorities on high alert prior to increased sea levels Friday and Saturday


The first floodings have lead to power outages in some homes, which was the result of a planned outage to fend off equipment damage caused by seawater.

Denmark’s Meteorological Institute’s prognoses continue to show that there is a risk of dangerous weather Friday and Saturday, when the combination of gale from the East and high seawater levels strike the Eastern coast. According to the latest prognoses from Denmark’s Meteorological Institute the increase in sea levels is of at least two meters above the normal water level in the municipalities concerned, meaning low-lying coastal areas, ports, etc., are at risk of flooding.   
As early as Thursday afternoon, some summerhouses were impacted by the first consequences, resulting in power shortages due to wiring cabinets in two areas in the municipality of Haderslev being shut off as a consequence of increased seawater levels. That was the result of a scheduled power interruption by the electricity supplier N1 in order to fend off damages to the equipment in the event og flooding.  
The affected citizens had been informed directly by the electricity company N1 in advance.
Currently, the Police of Southern Jutland is coordinating efforts with the municipality’s emergency services, The Danish Emergency Management Agency, The Home Guard and other authorities to secure coastal areas.  
The authorities encourage all citizens to pay close attention to messages from the Meteorological Institute, municipalities and the police in order to stay informed of the development of the situation and how to act accordingly, for instance in the event that it becomes necessary to leave an area due to the risk of flooding, similarly risks of impact to road network and power supplies.
Denne artikel er skrevet af Martin Johannes Madsen og data er automatisk hentet fra eksterne kilder, herunder Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi.
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